Today, I decided that I am going to become a princess.
The ritual to start was lovely.
I took Good Doll and Emilie, along with a wooden bowl full of milk to scrub my skin, a paper fan should my cool bath warm me, a music box that makes tinny noises, two candles, and a little shell with a mirror on the inside.
It was marvelous. I sipped at berry water, and read in candlelight. Good Doll and Emile were such good company that I didn’t read much of The Little Princess . The dolls even got to ride in the wooden bowl ontop of the water as the tub drained. They’re a bit soggy now, but are going to be safely wrapped on a hankerchief and sleep on my nightstand.

The Tasks to Become a Princess:
-Kiss a Frog
-Get a tea set.
-Leave milk, honey, and sweet bread for the faeries on flat river rocks (done!)

-Put a pea under your mattress

-Have a tea party

-Have a dress up day

-Spend the next five dollars I have on bubbles

-Talk to snails

-Name lady bugs

-Figure out more tasks


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